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Don’t live like a “Post-it” girl. That’s not my intention. While you’re with me, becoming a trivial insignificant person, that’s not what I mean. Mi Young, you’re a superglue. 

Ji Chang Wook in Sure Korea’s August ‘14 issue

Park Shin Hye for Agatha Paris F/W 2014

“Do I have something on my face?”

“We are different from them. They are crazy. I’m normal. That’s what they believe. However, as time goes by, we become bereft… strange… and gloomy.  The weird and crazy people start to become cute and make us feel pain… and pity. The mental patients we pointed fingers at, once you understand their situation, we see the uniqueness of their pain. Psychiatrists say that we’re all patients. Like getting a cold, illnesses of the heart are common. Let’s acknowledge each other’s pain. If so, the world will become more beautiful than it is now.”

“If I find someone who I truly love, who knows, I might have an unbelievable love. I’m looking forward to it”.

“What about me? What about my heart? The more you tell me not to care, the more I care. If I can’t see you, my heart gets uncomfortable. When you smile, when you cry… What about my heart that cries and laughs along you?”

Kang Min Hyuk in CéCi Korea’s August ‘14 issue

what about my heart, kim mi young?


Park Si Yeon for Marie Claire Korea’s August ‘14 issue

Jung Ryeo Won in Harper’s Bazaar Korea’s August ‘14 issue


Kim Hyuna - Title songs