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Koreanpyong is a blog about everything I love :
♥Joo Won♥, korean drama, korean variety show and korean photoshoot !!

나는 주원니란 결혼하고 싶어
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Favorite dramas :
♥ Gaksital ♥
♥ You who came from the Stars ♥
♥ The Princess' Man ♥
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Go Jun Hee & Lee Jong Suk for Milk Cow photoshoot Making of

Go Jun Hee & Lee Jong Suk for Milk Cow

You little bastard, relax your lips when kissing.

7/ gifs of krystal ships 
  → chanbo: favorite moments of chanyoung & bona in heirs ღ

Stay Strong Korea.

things i love about lee jong suk

his acting

 Last messages from Survivors and Students trapped inside the ferry

Song Seung Heon for @Star1 Magazine’s April ‘14 issue

Lee Jin Wook covers Geek's April '14 issue

kim woobin killing you with his gaze 2/?